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Building a Mod DLL


Creating a new Mod DLL gives the possibility to change fundamental game-play elements of the game and also to add new features which makes direct uses of the functionalities provided by CryENGINE® 2. Requirements

The following software is needed to compile a Mod DLL.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Without this service pack installed, the DLL won't be able to load properly. Other tools than Visual C++ might also be able to compile and link the Mod DLL, but at this time they cannot be confirmed to be compatible.

The STLport Standard Library has proven to be reliable to compile CryENGINE® 2 applications. It isn't a requirements, but we do recommend its usage. More information on STLport can be found at

Resources supplied in the SDK

The C++ source code needed to compile a new Mod DLL is supplied with the SDK. This source code is separated in two different directories.

Location Usage Code\CryEngine\ Contains all header files required Mods\CrysisMod\Code\ C++ code needed to implement a Mod fully capable of running Crysis

A solution file for Visual C++ is located under the following path.


Contained in the solution file is a project file will allow to compile the Mod DLL in either profile or debug for 32bit or 64bit target.

Using the Mod DLL

To have a Mod DLL used by the Sandbox 2 Editor or the launcher (ie: Crysis.exe), the following conditions need to be met. Assuming that [modname] represent the exact name of the mod.

Having a directory Mods\[modname]\ Storing the mod DLLs inside of Mods\[modname]\Bin32\ and Mods\[modname]\Bin64\ Optionally storing Mod specific assets inside the directory Mods\[modname]\Game\ Invoking the Editor or launcher using the -MOD command line argument, for example "Editor.exe -MOD [modname]"

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